Tuesday, October 7, 2014


   Meet Debbie.

    Debbie has worked here several years now and has the most glamorous position at Vineyard's.  She gets to unpack boxes and listen to my bad attitude and go to the dumpster.   If you need forty 'leven  Christmas ornaments unpacked, priced, tagged and then arranged back in the box ---  she is your man.  If you need someone to call a vendor and curse at their customer service rep just let Debbie know.  She can handle it!!!
If a customer's order just never seems to arrive and someone has to speak to them on the phone yet one more time let Debbie do it.  She doesn't mind.


     Truthfully, I have never heard an unkind word spoken by Debbie.  She is unfailingly cheerful, polite and helpful.   We are kind of old dogs down here trying to keep up with technology and she not only is a good sport about it she seems to enjoy the challenge.  I really appreciate all that she does to keep us running and I cannot imagine how I got along without her.  She has two very handsome sons, a lovely daughter in law, a precious new granddaughter and a sweet husband.   She works on Tuesdays and Thursdays so if you call the store on those days and hear a really sweet voice on the phone it is Debbie!  Watch out though, you can't believe a word she says!

     Debbie hard at work entering new merchandise into our inventory .   She is probably thinking, " Who ordered all this stuff anyway?"

     Precious new baby Virginia.  Let's hope she grows up to be just like her grandmother!

                                                          THANK YOU, DEBBIE

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