Tuesday, September 16, 2014

West Tennessee State Fair

     Remember when we used to get out of school an hour early to go to the fair?  Somehow, I have never outgrown that excitement.   One year when my kids were in high school I still managed to get everyone rounded up to go the fair with me because they were having a costume contest for cows!  I could hardly wait to get there.  Well, maybe  the costumes were a bit lackluster,  but cows never disappoint.  They are always calm and beautiful.  Have you ever seen prettier eyelashes?

    Last year we had to rush to the fairgrounds when I heard about the monkeys racing on dogs.   I simply had to see the Banana Race.  And, it was fun --- and cute --- and over pretty quickly!

     This year it was Kachunga, the alligator wrestler, that beckoned.   I mean, how often do we Jacksonians get to see a real alligator wrestler?  So, Friday after work John and I went to the fair.  He was only a week out of surgery so we took it kind of slow but we ate 4H chicken of course,  saw the Banana Race,  spent some time with the cows,  ( I remembered too late that my mother forbade me to ever wear open toed shoes to the fair ---  won't do that again), went to the tractor pull, viewed the exhibits and of course, attended Kachunga's show which proved to be informative and delightful!

    I am proud to say that Vineyard's own Denise Stuart was responsible for putting together the crop competition booth in the exhibit hall.  No, she is not a farmer, not even a native West Tennessean but she is fulfilling the requirements for her master gardener certification.  The booth looked great --- maybe too good.  I think the powers that be are lobbying Denise to participate next year!

     Why does the fair fascinate me so?  I don't know......It is just so hometown.  So unifying.   I mean gosh, sentimental..  How could you not get a lump in your throat when the giant Skytrak forkliftie thing held up a colossal American flag for the national anthem at the tractor pull?   Or, when the most adorable little boy you have ever seen manhandled his prize winning heifer around the cattle ring?  Or when very hardworking and polite teenagers waited on you at dinner?   So, next year I hope to see you at the fair.  A word of advice though --- be sure to wear thick socks and tennis shoes.
                    Sweet face.....                                  

Denise's booth.......

     A prize winning watermelon.  Be glad I did not show you the video I took of this guy.  I told you I am not good with technology!  Truly, a 20 second video!!!  Don't worry, you did not miss much!

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