Thursday, September 18, 2014

Punkins, Made on Acorn Hill

        I think I may need a pumpkin intervention.  Fall fever hits me pretty hard about this time every year and this year's cool weather has intensified the symptoms.  So far, I have visited the fruit stand (my Dad calls it the Peach Orchard) three times to load up on pumpkins.  They are my solution to a myriad of decorating issues in the fall.
        Need a table arrangement?  Pumpkins and squash, of course.
        Something by your front door?   A big, fat pumpkin would be perfect!
        A hostess gift?  Who wouldn"t love one of those small, warty ones?

      Vineyard's doesn't sell pumpkins but we are celebrating the first day of autumn on Tuesday, September 23.  We will be giving away a bar of  Made on Acorn Hill soap to customers spending over $25.00.   These soaps and other products are fabulous and made right here in Jackson, Tennessee of goat's milk and other natural ingredients.  ( We fondly think of them as the goat girls....).   Also, for that one day only our fall decorations will be 20% off.  Yes, this does include potpourri and candles!
      I hope to see you Tuesday to help celebrate the official beginning of my favorite season and just in case you are wondering --- Green Acres Pumpkin Patch in Milan says on their recording that they will probably open this Saturday, the 20th.   I know --- I have called!!!

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