Saturday, August 30, 2014

From the Attic Number One

     What is it like to own your business, you ask.  Hmmmm.  Well, it is kind of like jumping out of an airplane with no parachute.  Especially when you consider my work background which consisted of teaching school and then being a stay at home Mom for thirteen years.  My retail experience was running the front register of the Old Country Store when I was in college.  So, when I bought Vineyard's, oh boy, I dove right in!!!  I have learned every single lesson the hard way and have some funny stories of my goofs which I will share by and by.

     This is a new blog.  I am Joy Meriwether, owner of Vineyard's Gifts. and the least technical person you know.  Yet, here I am.  Hell could freeze over tonight --- don't be surprised!

     Back to your unasked question.....   Owning this gift shop is like jumping out of an airplane with no parachute in that it is intense and exciting but hopefully, this ride will last more than a few seconds and we will not end up in heap on the ground!  I do have some safety nets below me:  faithful customers, capable and committed employees, good reps with great products, and an unfailing desire to achieve that perfect balance of elegance  and whimsy.  There is always something new down here which keeps me thinking and moving along.  Sometimes it lures me, sometimes it drags me along and sometimes it pushes me almost over the edge but it definitely keeps me moving!

     Although I am technologically challenged I am completely passionate about this store, our merchandise and most of all, the people who shop and work here.  I love being a part of your lives and in this space I hope to share with you products, events, and people that excite me.  To fully understand this blog you need to know that my desk at Vineyard's is literally in the attic of the store and from my window I view the pine trees that you see here.  In each entry I shall give you glimpses of Vineyard's from my point of view:
FROM THE ATTIC.              


     This adorable vase is handmade of fabric pressed between leaded glass.  My daughter filled it with zinnias from our garden.  Who would not want to receive this precious gift?

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